Our main objective is to facilitate and allow the development and progress of each student in a quiet environment to reduce anxiety, so that he or she can give the best of himself/ herself. This way we can ensure that he/she can be an integrated and valued person within our society.
Our aim is that our GAT students are less dependent on therapeutic support and that they can return to a full-time week at their regular school.

The specific objectives for GAT Tot Teràpia are:

  • Provide specialized intervention on a day to day basis for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
  • Achieve a comprehensive and inclusive model for students with special educational needs.
  • Create a specific treatment model of high quality and excellence to support families with children with ASD throughout life (children, adolescents and adults).
  • Train and advise professionals interested in the field of ASD, following our intervention model.

Our GAT method arises from the idea that parents are experts and knowledgeable about the needs of their children. That is why we start from the child’s perception and family support to influence their individual capacities and needs.

Our work is holistic and transdisciplinary, with a psychologist acting as coordinator, and with support staff of a speech therapist, an occupational therapist (sensory integration) and a physiotherapist. We offer quality in all areas of our intervention: communication, relationships, cognition, behavior, emotion, sensory and body, and neurological.

Methods that share our vision have our preference, such as: TEACCH®, SCERTS®, DIR FLOORTIME®, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), HANEN®, Functional Neurology and Sensory Integration.